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61 Icons & 4 PSDs

61 ICONS: Emily Blunt, Colin Hanks, Emma Watson, Emily Deschanel with David Boreanaz, Zooey Deschanel, She & Him, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Haven, Keira Knightely, Stock Images, Text Icons

4 PSDs

I'll probably be really busy for a while so this is probably the last post from me for a while, thanks everyone!

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Warning: There always seems to be a HUGE difference between number of downloads and number of comments. I don't like it when you have to comment to get the link to download files or a password or something like that but I do understand why some people do that. Please don't turn hallow_honey into a place like that.

There is one simple way to keep it the easy way, PLEASE COMMENT IF TAKING.

Downland here at DeviantART

Downland here at DeviantART

Downland here at DeviantART

Downland here at DeviantART

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.20in20 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, 10 Things I Hate About you, & Behati Prinsloo sets
.Icon Post: Haven Icons
Tags: actor: colin hanks, actor: david boreanaz, actor: emily blunt, actor: emily deschanel, actor: emma watson, actor: joesph gordon-levitt, actor: joseph gordon-levitt, actor: keira knightely, actor: zooey deschanel, film: 500 days of summer, movie: 500 days of summer, stock images, tv: haven, type: icons, type: psds, type: text icons
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26, looooovely!
Is mine now ;)

(of course I will credit :P)
Glad you like, enjoy!
Stole the TEAM STFU icon, will credit!
I'm glad you like that one, enjoy!
much pretty!, took #59 8D♥
thank yooou.
Glad you like, enjoy!
your icons are great : D
took icon #59 and the first Zooey psd.
i'll credit of course ^.^
well, and #58 & 61 : P


7 years ago


7 years ago

Snagging 21 and 25. <3 They're both gorgeous. Lovely icons here!
love the colorings downloading
Love, love, love these icons!
Snagging the four psds.
Thank you! ^^
Snapping up 58! will credit!
Took some Emma Watson icons. Thank you!
Taking a bunch of Haven icons. Beautiful icons! Will credit. :)
Love these and took 57 and 60. Thank you.
these look awesome!
taking the first two psds for inspiration HOHOHO
Took some and all the PSDs. Ah, it's fuckin awesome! *_*
These were great! Snagged one of the Booth/Bones ones ;)