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Hallow Honey

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Hallow Honey


This is the graphics journal of dechanter, I post icons, FO banners, headers, and so on here. It is a slowly growing project of mine. Feel free to watch for updates or join, whichever you prefer.

They are pretty simple.

♥ If you take something just credit hallow_honey.

♦ Honestly, I don't care if you take a header/icon/whatever and add text to it like your user name or something just credit me for creating the icon still, take credit for the text if you want.

DO NOT HOTLINK, please? Just right click and save the graphic to your own server (like photobucket.com, tinypic.com, pics.livejournal.com, somehwere, anywhere but not mine). Thank you.

♠ I appreciate comments but it's not absolutely necessary.

Please feel free to watch this community for updates, or become a member by joining.
Oh, and a lot of the stock photos I use are taken from weheartit.com. I try to make sure that those photos aren't taken from deviantart or anything like that. If by some mistake I took a photo that is yours and you don't want used just message dechanter and I'll remove it/give you credit/whichever you prefer.

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